ITIL Management

ITIL Course Outline :

Contact Hours : 45

Service Management as a Practice

  • Importance of Service Management
  • Introduction to IT Service Management
  • Welcome to the World of ITIL
  • Why ITIL Is Successful

Generic Concepts

  • Utility and Warranty
  • Assets, Resources, and Capabilities
  • Types of Service Providers
  • Types of Services

ITIL Service Lifecycle

  • ITIL Service Lifecycle
  • ITIL Roles
  • RACI Matrix

Service Strategy

  • Purpose of Service Strategy
  • Objectives of Service Strategy
  • Value of Service Strategy

Service Design

  • Purpose of Service Design
  • Objectives of Service Design
  • Value of Service Design

Service Transition

  • Objectives of Service Transition
  • Scope of Service Transition
  • Value of Service Transition

Service Operations

  • Objectives of Service Operations
  • Scope of Service Operations
  • Value of Service Operations

Continual Service Improvement

  • Why Continual and Not Continuous?
  • Deming’s Cycle

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