Contact Hours : 45

The program is aimed at middle to senior management professionals wishing to learn the concepts and skills to work, communicate and understand the intricacies of the data sciences in a simple language. The focus of the program is to bridge the existing knowledge and communication gap between the technical practitioner and the business practitioner. The program will expose the business managers to an understanding of data analytics, data transformation, base concepts of machine learning, artificial intelligence, visualizations and using the same in their daily operations.

The Key Highlights of the Program are :

  • Industry based projects
  • Working with Real data sets
  • Customized training opportunities
  • Flexible learning formats
  • Data science oriented business communication
  • Learning from Industry practitioner
  • Career readiness.

Curriculum :

Basics of Python
In this we will be covering some basic concepts of Python, working with different: data types and Data wrangling/ Munging and Analytics,

Machine Learning with Python
In this module the learners will be exposed to Machine Learning systems using popular packages like Pandas, Numpy and ScikitLearn

Basics of R Programming
In this module the students will get exposed to basic programming, data ingestion and transformation using R. This would also include Data wrangling/ Munging and Analytics,

Machine Learning with R
In this module the students will ML using popular packages like Deplyr, caret, gbm, prophet, etc.

Data Visualization
The students will form a base and advance concepts of dashboarding, storytelling using popular java based and other libraries through Python/ R. Some of the libraries that will be covered will be ggplot, plotly, corrplot, matplotlib, pandas visualization, etc.

Data Processing Engines
The module will cover data processing engines like Spark, RDDs, Dataframe , Hadoop Environment and Hive SQL.


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