About Us

Acharya is an education venture promoted with the sole purpose of creating an industry-ready workforce. The venture operates through a platform and partnership model of empowering educational institutions of different kinds by augmenting their internal and external capabilities in terms of helping them develop and deliver high demand and job oriented programs.  At the core of its universe are learners of all age groups. We pride ourselves in using the latest technical tools and machine learning and artificial intelligence in customization of our programs according to learners and industry needs.  Our core themes centre around tapping the residual capacities of the existing educational system and empowering it to create an industry-ready workforce.

Acharya works on three levels of stakeholder engagements

Academic Institutions

By helping academic institutions roll out industry ready programs at a much faster pace and at a fraction of cost thereby opening up newer revenue streams.


Developing and delivering in demand and training programs to the corporate executive on learning as you go platform( mobile and web-based).


Offering hybrid programs for skill augmentation and industry readiness to enhance their career prospects.

Our Mission

Acharya is committed to preparing industry-ready workforce by creating an ecosystem of participation from the relevant stakeholders.

Our Vision

We envision reducing the current academic delivery gap with employment readiness by developing a technology-oriented and future-ready system.